Choosing the right wedding shower favors is a crucial part of a memorable bridal party, and helps dress up the festivities.

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Whether you’re choosing a themed wedding party, or planning a ‘time-of-year’ bridal shower, you can enhance the entire affair by getting the ideal favors.

Now that you have found the man or woman of your dreams, you can start to consider what to do for your bridal party & friends.

If you’re in need of a little creative inspiration, simply continue reading to discover a variety of fun favors, that your friends and family members are sure to treasure!

Ultimate Bridal Party

Below are some ideas and things to keep in mind, but if you want some help in what to consider, you can always check out the “Martha Stewart Weddings” website.

Seasonal Wedding Shower Favors

If you have your heart set on a spring wedding, you may want to incorporate fresh flowers or floral hair accessories into your gift bags.

If instead you’re planning to marry your fiance in the fall, you may want to select scented candles as your shower favors. Not only will candles warm your loved ones homes, but they’ll also warm their hearts!

If you plan on exchanging your vows in the summer, you may want to treat your guests to stylish pair of sunglasses or a decorative fan.

Alternatively, if you’re willing to stretch your budget, why not purchase seashell or anchor themed jewelry such as bracelets and cuff-links for your loved ones.

Themed Favors

If your wedding is going to have a theme, you should certainly consider choosing favors which match or suit your theme.

As an example, let’s say you’re opting for a rustic, or ‘country music’ theme; you may want to opt for belt buckles, lanyards, or gourmet jars of honey for your shower favors.

If your wedding has a color scheme, you should look for gifts which showcase your chosen color scheme. If your reception’s decorations and your bridesmaids dresses are Tiffany blue, for instance, you may want to tie Tiffany blue ribbons around miniature bottles of champagne.

Personalized Gifts

If you really want your loved ones to remember your special day, it may be worth ordering personalized favors.

You can easily order inexpensive shot glasses which are etched with you and your fiances initials. You can even get your wedding shower or wedding date etched onto your glasses.

You also can’t go wrong opting for wooden coasters which are etched with the details from your wedding invitation.

Alternatively, you can also order sterling silver key rings which are engraved with your names or initials.

As an example if you’re organizing a beach wedding, you may want to opt for key rings which are shaped as sea shells, sail boats, or anchors.

If your budget is a little tight, don’t worry; simply create your own personalized labels for small jars and fill them with your choice of candy, mints or chocolate.

One great resource for interesting, one-of-a-kind items is Etsy’s “bridal shower favor” marketplace.

Presenting Your Wedding Shower Favors

One creative way to package your favors is to create a miniature gift basket, for each guest. This is an excellent idea if you plan on treating your guests to a few different items.

You can also incorporate your theme: for example, if you’re opting for a country or barn themed affair, you can’t go wrong using brown paper bags, personalized with your wedding information.

Another inexpensive way to package your wedding favors is to place them in see-through nylon or lace bags, which will allow your guests to view their gifts without having to open them.

The Bottom Line

Though we can’t really say “you only get married once”, we still want the occasion to be a memorable, one-of-a-kind affair.

Picking the right wedding shower favors will insure that the shower guests appreciate you. And don’t forget, the gifts you hand out are a life-long reminder of your relationship, and the special time in your life!